Shop the ROC

Why Shop the ROC?

When people shop local, local small businesses thrive, jobs are retained, and best of all--more jobs are created. If consumers spend $100 at a local business, roughly $68 stays in our local economy. When consumers spend the same amount at a non-locally owned business, only $43 stays in the local economy. The #ShopTheROC” movement is the City of Rochester’s campaign to bolster local businesses and encourage residents and visitors to patronize stores, restaurants, and service providers in Rochester’s neighborhoods by supporting the efforts of merchant and business associations as well as local businesses in the city.


Join Shop the ROC 

Interested business owners or organization managers can access this form to submit their information to the listing. Beginning June 29, the listing will be updated at least once per week based on information submitted.  


Looking to Shop Local? 

 See table below for local businesses open for business that have submitted their information to our listing. Listing will be updated at least weekly with additional submitted.


We will be adding a mapping application featuring this data. Check back soon for more updates and features.

Disclaimer: The information provided herein has been received from each respective vendor.  The City does not endorse any such vendor or its products and cannot guaranty the quality or safety of any product or the accuracy of its description. The City receives no compensation for providing this information. Individual vendors are responsible for updating the information about their operation’s details if they change. 

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