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ROC The Parks

The City is offering space in certain city parks for use by gyms, yoga studios, and other types of fitness businesses to host classes outdoors for their members. The following parks are available for permitting between from 9am-9pm Monday through Sunday: 

  • Aberdeen Square Park- Adequate open space for small-medium group exercise; on street parallel parking surrounding park

  • Baden Park (Inside & outside fields)- Adequate open space for group exercise

  • Cobbs Hill Diamonds, Parks, Trails, Basketball & Tennis Courts- Adequate open space for group exercise; parking available in Lake Riley lot, and Tennis Court lot

  • Genesee Gateway Park- Adequate park space; parallel parking along Mt. Hope and surrounding streets

  • Genesee Valley Diamonds, Soccer & Tennis Courts, Soccer & Football Fields- Adequate park space, parking available in GVP Complex parking lot

  • Maplewood Park (lower part by training center)- Adequate park space with plenty of parking in the large parking lot area near the training center

  • Maplewood Rose Garden (extra charge for use of gazebos)- Adequate space for small-medium sized group exercise with parking available in the official parking lot

  • Paul Bianchi Park (diamonds, football & soccer fields)- Adequate space for group exercise, street parking available around the park

  • Pulaski Park- Adequate space for group exercise; on street parking but no parking lot

  • Tacoma Park- Adequate space for group exercise; on street parking but no parking lot


This opportunity requires a permit from the City for a nominal fee of only $35 for the entire summer. For information on the permitting process visit the following websites:  

  • Click here for a description of the permitting process and a list of parks where space can be reserved.

  • Click here for the permit application.

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