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Jumpstarting ROC Survey Results

The City developed a survey to solicit feedback from businesses and other community organizations on their operational status and needs as a result of the COVID crisis. Nearly 500 organization leaders responded to this survey, and the City has used this data to inform Rochester’s COVID response plan and the Jumpstarting ROC effort.

Key Findings:

  • Food and beverage service businesses are looking for relaxed regulations on outdoor seating to replace or supplement heavily-spaced indoor seating.

  • Many foodservice businesses are interested in being connected to additional labor for delivery service, but they do not want this labor to come from the existing app-based services, and they are cautious about additional insurance costs this might entail.

  • Most fitness/recreation/arts organizations expressed a positive interest in the option of using free park space for their programming.

  • Back rent and utilities are a concern for 42% of those who answered the survey. Some others responded that they are not yet concerned about these expenses but would be if they need to stay closed for several months.

  • 5 out of 6 of the childcare service providers responded that they had the capacity to immediately take on new families as customers; these 5 businesses also said they would be interested in being on a list for businesses to refer their staff to for placement. The remaining provider plans to re-open in June and would have open placements at that time.


A summary of all the findings can be found here:

"Jumpstarting ROC Survey Findings"

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