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Preserving and promoting community vitality during this unprecedented crisis

Rochester's Recovery

Learn how fitness businesses can use local parks for programming

Find posters for business windows to keep customers informed

Find out how to get a permit for outdoor seating

& operations

Last Updated: 9/15/2020

Meals Served by the Rochester Meal

Grab & Go


Meals Served through the Free Restaurant

Delivery for Seniors

CARES Act Funded


Applications for the City's Business Retention Grant

CARES Act Funded

$1 million+

Grant funds paid out to local businesses through the Business Retention Grant

CARES Act Funded

Stay Up-To-Date

Find out more about Rochester's reopening status
Find resources for childcare, housing support, and more
Find answers to your questions about Rochester's reopening

Our Plan For Recovery

& Building Strength

We want to help you be informed as we respond to and recover from the effects of this pandemic, and become a more resilient community. In harmony with the Vision and Guiding Principles of Rochester 2034, we have constructed a plan that does just that as we Respond, Recoverand build Resilience


What we have been doing to provide immediate support.

The City's response to an unprecedented time & an urgent need in the community

How we plan to provide a near-term boost.

New programs and initiatives to support businesses and residents

What we’re doing to work toward long-term health, adaptability, and responsiveness

More Information To Come

A Message From

Mayor Lovely Warren

Welcome to Jumpstarting ROC! This site will keep you up-to-date on the many actions that the City of Rochester is taking to respond to impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic – our immediate Response, how we will contribute to Recovery, and strategies to ensure our community’s long-term Resiliency.  You’ll also find valuable Resources for businesses and links to information for residents. 


While the Federal, State, and County governments have a substantial role to play to assist businesses during this crisis, I want you to have full confidence that the City of Rochester is also rising to the occasion and coordinating daily with those partners. And that we’re taking additional steps to add to their support. My administration, in solidarity with City Council, commits to you that through compassion, diligence, and innovative solutions, we will emerge from this crisis as a more connected and resilient community. Together, we will get through this pandemic, protect our circles, and Jumpstart Rochester! 

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